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Alumni News.

Alumni News

1 year ago

South River Hall of Fame By-Laws





The South River High School Athletic Hall-of-Fame was founded to recognize those individuals or groups who have made a significant contribution to South River High School Athletics.


I. Hall - of - Fame Committee

            The South River High School Hall-of-Fame Committee will consist of the Athletic Director and   two current members of the South River Coaching Staff as determined by the Director of       Athletics. The Committee will select six persons who are either alumni, past or present

            coaching staff, or media representatives. The media representatives need not be a member of the

            South River community.


II. Eligibility for Nomination to the Hall-of -Fame.

            A. Athletes may be nominated only if they have participated in at least 2 full

                 seasons of varsity interscholastic competition at South River High School.

                 An athlete may be inducted at any time eight years after receiving their degree

                 from South River High School.


            B. Nominations may include individuals, coaches or administrators who have

                 contributed outstanding service to athletics at South River High School.


C.  Nominations may include teams that were important to the South River Athletics

      school community.


D.  Nominations may include community associations or businesses that have been an integral

      part of the South River Athletics Community.



III. Nomination Procedure

            A. The committee will accept nominations from any source. Once received, a

                 standard nomination form will be sent to the nominating party. The nomination

                 form should be returned to the Athletic Director, Hall of Fame Committee,

                 201 Central Avenue East. Edgewater, MD 21037  no later than the first Saturday in



            B. Upon receipt of all nomination forms by the deadline, the chair will forward

                 the information to the committee for their review.


            C. The committee will convene in January and selections will be made for the

                 May ceremony.


IV. Selection Process

            A. A nominee must carry seventy (70%) of the votes of the committee for

                 induction into the South River Athletic Hall-of-Fame. A minimum of six voters must

                 participate in the balloting.


            B. The Committee will select a maximum of 15 persons the first year and

                 maximum of 8 persons the next 2 years. 


V. Awards and Honors

            A. Inductees will receive a Hall of Fame plaque and an additional video display will be on

                 permanent display at the Hall of Fame at South River High School in the gymnasium lobby.


            B. A Hall-of-Fame banquet will be held in the spring to honor the year’s inductees.


Alumni News

1 year ago

South River Athletics Hall of Fame

South River High School will be inducting their first Hall of Fame Class in May of 2018! Nomination forms and bylaws will be posted the week of September 18th, 2017. This is a long overdue venture but our athletic program is going to start to honor the athletes, coaches, teams, and community members that make South River great! More to come in the coming weeks! WE ARE SOUTH RIVER!!
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